Millie and the Kitchen Witch
Coming Summer 2023

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Millie & The Kitchen Witch

By Hillary Vaillancourt

When the small farming community of Coal Hollow, Virginia faces economic hardship as a large peanut farming corporation puts the community's small farms out of business, twelve-year-old Millie takes the opportunity to use a baking competition to bring attention to the local growers and producers of Coal Hollow in hopes of revitalizing her struggling community.

Along the way, Millie and her best friends, Sean and J.P., take on the school bully harassing J.P. over his life-threatening peanut allergy.


When Millie comes up with a solution to keep J.P. safe and benefit the community, there's just one problem--she has to get the owner of the peanut corporation that's been putting Coal Hollow's small farms out of business on board. 


Can Millie convince the peanut corporation to get on board with her idea to save her community and keep her friend safe? 

Inspired by her own experiences with food allergies and her passion for local food, Hillary Vaillancourt hopes Millie and the Kitchen Witch will encourage readers of all ages to be more inclusive of food allergies and to support their local food systems. 

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Praise & Reviews

"I loved the ending and the whole thing and would definitely read it again."

Katherine, Middle School Student

"I can't get over the detail!"

Cameron, Middle School Student